Tablet iOS and Android development

Tablet iOS and Android development

SoloSoft's mobile team has provided offshore application development services to a wide range of enterprises for solutions that allow them to leverage new mobile technologies to improve their internal operations and provide unique solutions for their clients. When the project has to be done right the first time you need the experience and skills that only a experienced team can provide.

SoloSoft expertise in the mobile field significantly improves the success of your mobile project.

Tablet iOS and Android development expertise

  • Porting and extending existing applications and solutions to PocketPC and Palm;
  • Standalone android and iOS applications;
  • HotSync synchronization conduits;
  • Multimedia applications for tablets;
  • Mobile Server and mobile database development for PDA applications
  • Conduits and database integration
  • Integration Mobile solutions to existing Enterprise Systems
  • Existing code optimization

We can help you to increase efficiency of your product development

  • Our proven product development approach helps save on product development

    Years of experience and availability of reusable in-house components substantially simplifies and speeds up the product development cycle. The decrease of actual development time can influence the development costs even more than our competitive hourly rate. To optimize the project development time, we use industry leading IDEs and development tools.

  • Our flexibility and knowledge of mobile technology will increase productivity of your in house teams

    Although the development of optimized PDA (PocketPC and Palm) applications can be expensive, the return on investment can be characterized by the increased productivity of your mobile workers. Based on your needs, we can develop detailed performance characteristics of the future mobile solution. Final product deployment phase is released only after our rigorous system testing and user acceptance.

  • SoloSoft can help you to reduce training cost

    User friendly intuitive user interface design can substantially reduces the learning curve for mobile workers.

  • We can help reduce cost of supporting many different wireless devices.

    If wireless development is not a primary function of your company, it's very expensive to keep many different versions of wireless devices in order to fully test applications before release. SoloSoft provides complete wireless testing of mobile applications both offshore and onshore with US carriers. SoloSoft can optimize the design of your application so the final product solution will be able to run on a variety of physical devices with different physical characteristics such as screen resolution and memory size.

  • We can help minimize risks associated with unauthorized data interception

    It is important to protect data during the wireless transfer as well as when it is stored on a mobile device. We, at SoloSoft, take into the account all aspects of data security when designing your application. Depending on the required protection level, we can provide the most suitable approach

  • Our development team can help reduce software maintenance costs

    During the maintenance phase SoloSoft helps its customers by providing low cost software support. We help maintain existing wireless applications by supporting their in house technical teams and providing updates overnight. Requests to develop a new small feature or update the existing features can often be delivered within 48 hours.

SDK and Library Experience

  • Palm and PocketPC SDK's (Palm OS 5.4 SDK (68k), PACE, Sony SDK 5.0, Treo 600/650 SDK, Palm OS Cobalt SDK)
  • POL (Palm Object Library)

IT Consulting Services

We offer Outsourcing Practices in eight key verticals in the USA market, IT Solutions featuring state-of-the-art architectural and program management expertise, Financial Services, Healthcare and Insurance, Manufacturing & Logistics, Travel and Entertainment, Pharmaceuticals, Retail and Telecommunications.

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