Mobile Solutions for mobile personnel

Implementation of mobile solutions for Enterprise

If you are a retail, medical, logistics, construction or transportation organization going mobile can significantly increase employees productivity in your company.

SoloSoft helped many organizations to create mobile solutions for the mobile sales force, field service technicians, healthcare employees, transportation workers, and other mobile workforce.

Business problems typically that mobile workforce experiences:

  • Lots of paperwork: field service technicians, nurses, delivery personnel and other mobile employees have to spend a lot of time filling standard forms when visiting a customers. Often reports are prepared in the end of the day based on handwrittings or memories.That causes time delays and valuable data loss for organizations resulting in inappropriate decisions and customer complains.

    The solutions SoloSoft has developed for the customers permit mobile workers to record reports at the job site.

  • Extra manual work: data collected in paper form needs to be transfered in corporate database. This requires your mobile workforce coming in the office and spending extra times to enter data in computer.

    The solutions we developed for our customers enable mobile force to update work order status in real-time, facilitating real-time communication.

  • No records about the time spent on customer site: SoloSoft developed applications that enable instantaneous time-card recording for time worked in the field.

  • Lack of the required information when work on site: SoloSoft developed solutions that provide mobile personnel with remote access to the corporate database about order details, such as work order location, contact information, symptom diagnostics, required completion date, asset history, salient PM schedules, relevant warranties/service contracts, and special instructions.

Mobile technology provides enormous opportunity for saving operational costs and improving customer satisfaction rate.

SoloSoft can help you take advantage of the leading edge technology and develop an application that will cobnect your employees from remote locations:

  • Filling standard forms and reports using PDA devices;
  • Workflow/Order processing: sending requests and checking the status;
  • Storage of critical data on PDA or wireless phone.
  • Data synchronization with the corporate network;
  • Wireless reports transfer and access the corporate knowledgebase.
  • PDA and wireless phones based calculators, catalogs and references.

We develop PDA solutions for the mobile sales force, field service technicians, healthcare workers, transportation workers, mobile executives and other mobile workforce. Please see our technology expertise and experience.

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