Portal redesign for a video rental company

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Merchandize portal re-design for a video rental company


The client is one of the fastest growing video rental companies in the US.


SoloSoft was selected to help make the transition and advice in the areas of the decision of changing titles from 'rented' status to 'previously viewed' status to improve the store revenue and profitability. To forecast demand for rental, catalogue to avoid out of stock and oversupply of hot items.


The scope of this project covered demand forecasting, inventory planning and decision support.

SoloSoft led the forecasting process re-design, did the third party tools evaluation and the cost benefit analysis of a build vs. buy option for select applications.

Inventory Optimization was one of the biggest concerns: What are the rules for product movement (.e. what are the demand priorities, how do they get applied and when do they get applied)
- What are the constraints in the "to-be" world and how will they be used
- How to optimize inventory movement (i.e. What are the definitions and constraints...)
- What Key Performance Indicators should be used to measure the effectiveness of the processes


  • Improved demand planning
  • Improved revenue realization through inventory re-balancing and maximum utilzation of stock
  • Minimized stock outs and shrinkage


J2SE, JSP, Servlets, Tomcat, MySQL, Linux 7.3

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