SoloSoft released Social Medical Community for AllScripts

Release of ClientConnect Community provides a communication for coordinating, monitoring, and scheduling for AllScripts

Burlingame, CA
May 2, 2015


SoloSoft today announced it has completed enhancements for AllScripts, the largest connected community of clients in healthcare. The ClientConnect Community Platform provides a communication mechanism for coordinating, monitoring, and scheduling all requested AllScripts solution enhancements. The ClientConnect Community platform is built around a service-oriented architecture (SOA), utilizing Web Services for global enterprise-wide processing. The developed solution helps hospitals and health systems more-effectively manage the business of healthcare and achieve measurable and sustainable, improved outcomes.

"We have really received such positive feedback on this tool. Really appreciate all of your hard work on it, and patience with our changes," said Suzanne O'Brien, Senior Program Manager, Client Programs at AllScripts.. "So far the Eclipsys (AllScripts) Ideas tool has been very well-received by our clients."

"We're excited that AllScripts has turned to SoloSoft for Social Community project that demand intuitive thinking, razor sharp attention to detail and consistent timely and first class delivery."

AllScripts' Problem

AllScripts offers a complete portfolio of market-leading solutions for hospitals, physician practices and post-acute organizations. The company needed a communication mechanism for coordinating, monitoring, and scheduling all requested enhancements. The business benefits of improving company's enhancement management practice include:

  • Improved quality and service level;
  • Better visibility into the development process;
  • Efficient management of enhancement requests coming from customers; and
  • Improved concurrent development.

Other Concerns

  • Improving the Speed-to-Market and reducing the R&D cycle time,
  • Controlling the Product Life Cycle (PLC) Costs,
  • Unlocking the emerging markets potential,
  • And securing the R&D talent supply.

To help solve this problem, AllScripts turned to SoloSoft for:

  • Faster Speed-to-Market due to SoloSoft organizational knowledge accumulated over 10 Social Community Development engagements;
  • Cost Savings on R&D life cycle from 30%, and up to 60%

SoloSofts’ Services

SoloSoft has developed a complex system that supports various functions in the management of enhancements and reviewing and approving enhancement requests. The Enhancement Management System consists of web-based administration portal and a widget allowing users to perform various actions related to enhancement process, based on their permission.

1. Web widget. It is available for all customers and includes the following sections:

  • Submit an idea » Enhancement Request submission form » to initiate a new request;
  • View my ideas » displays customer's submitted requests;
  • View all ideas » displays all submitted enhancement requests, with name of a person who submitted it, status, and brief description. When clicking on an idea, the user will be taken to a separate page with detailed information about the idea (full description, user comments, attached documents, etc)
  • Invest in ideas » investment section (available for organization representatives only)

2. Administration portal

  • Manage releases, products and modules: add, edit, change status, or remove from the system.
  • Organize, sort and manipulate submitted requests: all requests are presented in the table that can be sorted by any of the following columns: ID, Organization, Status, and Funds Invested;
  • Merge requirements, with ability to trace back to the original requirement via the unique identifier;
  • Easily publish the Proposed Requirements back to ClientConnect in preparation for users to invest funding;
  • Update the original case status: accept or do not accept an idea;
  • Track investments by organizations

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